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Private Money Loans

The banks and mortgage companies have reacted to the crackdown on poor lending practices that were the result of Wall Street Hyper Activity and Promotion.

Their reaction and the government over-reaction as a result of lobbyists pushing banking interests above consumer well being means that today is the most difficult environment in modern times to get a conventional low interest rate loan.

The recession hurt most consumers to the point that they are unable to get the mortgage loans they need to purchase or refinance their homes or rental properties.

Computer-mortgage.com has stepped up by finding private parties who are willing to loan on mortgages to the large number of consumers in need of some relief.

Whether you need to borrower for a short period of time to give you the breathing room to recover your credit or finances until you can obtain that conventional loan or for a longer period, we are able to make your dreams come true!

Call us so we can discuss your many options.

Trust Deed Investments

Are you satisfied with the returns on your bank savings account or money market investments?  Is your retirement fund growing sufficient to enable you to live in the lifestyle to which you dreamed of?

Many people have become investors earning 7-9% on their money with an acceptable level of risk for many years.  How you might ask?

The answer is to invest your personal investment funds and IRA and Pension money in Trust Deeds through Computermortgage.com. This is a low risk investment with a satisfying return that is available to qualified investors.

Financial advisors may not be aware of this type of investment unless they are fee paid advisors who do not receive compensation based on your investing in their products. Beware of stock brokers advice in this regard, it may not be in your best interest. Speak with a qualified professional such as your Certifed Public Accountant or fee based investment advisor.

If you are considering investing in Trust Deeds, please contact us so we can explain the process and what to watch out for. Not all Trust Deed Investments are the same.


Call with any questions, we have answers.


Need a Private Money Home Loan? If you can't qualify for a conventioanl loan we offer private investors that will fund your loan using different loan programs we offer.  Please call for more info.
Applying for a loan? Our online application process is conveniently designed to allow you to stop any time and pick up where you left off. After you submit an application, you can check loan status at your convenience.

 All Types of  Properties. 


Non Owner Investment Properties, Commercial (Nationally) , Multifamily and Light Industrial. We have been lending on Californai Real  Estate for over 25 Years


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